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Tenor saxophone case

Basic model

Basic model includes:

- exclusively in black 3D and solid white color

- texture-granulated varnish finish

- 3 straps: one shoulder strap (longer) and two back-pack straps (shorter)


Universally designed interior to fit all instrument sizes. Set of different density foam cushions to totally isolate the instrument from any impact. Their easy to change position provides perfect fitting and motionless even for various instruments in the same case. Interior in black, red, green and blue. Compartment for the neck. Large accessories compartment


Universal for all instrument sizes.

The weight value is subject to change due to R&D process.

Accord tenor saxophone case - ultralight model 2.7 kg / 5.9 lbs

This case is, as strong as, or stronger than cases built of conventional materials that weigh twice as much. Very popular choice for musicians who require a strong case that is at the same time extremely light and yet protective. Estimated strength: 50 kilo crush resistance

Our recommendation: the ideal case for every day use.

Accord tenor saxophone case - flight model 3.3 kg / 7.0 lbs

These are really strong and yet lighter then conventional cases. Two extra layers of carbon reinforced material and Kevlar make these cases twice as strong - virtually indestructible. Estimated strength: 150 kilo crush resistance.

Our recommendation: built to withstand all rigors of travel.

Accord tenor saxophone  case - hybrid (special model) 3.0 kg / 6.6 lbs

This model, also called the economic/student, is a result of a new technique combining carbon with other composite materials, which gives this case extraordinary characteristics. In safety and equipment comparable to the Accord Standard model, this case is an outstanding value

Only 300 g more in weight then ultralight model, and at a significantly lower price - it makes Accord quality and design available to musicians with a more limited budget.. Available in two colors: white and black 3D matte finish