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Accord case design

From the nature of carbon fiber, Accord has managed to develop a product with amazing protective qualities, and yet extremely light. Besides its’ remarkable physical characteristics, working with carbon (composite materials) inspires the realization of a unique aesthetic-artistic achievement. The streamlined and extremely elegant design are found beautiful by numerous clients. The subtle curves on Accord cello cases could be compared to the subtle lines of the body of a dancer or an athlete. The form of the case follows the shape of the instrument providing extraordinary strength which guarantees the instrument's protection. The dimensions of the case are reduced to the minimum making it practical for travel by plane, car, bicycle, etc.What is particularly distinctive, and separates Accord in terms of choice of exterior finishes, is Accord’s unique 3D (three dimensional) option, with or without accent colors that many clients perceive as «the snake skin look». Each case is carefully handcrafted and therefore unique in its’ own right. Since every case is a result of sophisticated craftsmanship, we are also able to build in a personal touch and personalize each case according to customers’ wishes. Such options include calligraphy in silver and gold letters, pictures or logos under the varnish. Accord cases exterior is also available in virtually every solid color, including metallic finishes.

Your color  - your style


Choose a color identical to your car, or any other color - providing us with the international RAL code is all it takes

Favorite note, picture of a person you like...


Chose your own piece of music, if you decide to buy the music sheet pattern case. Choose a picture of a person who inspire you and we can fit it intro a unique aesthetic experience in a lasting and quality manner (under the varnish). 



Initials, signiture or any others sign which holds personals meaning done in gold or silver calligraphy will make your case exceptionally elegant. 

Accord interior color- matirial chart

Black velvet

Dark gray velvet

Blue velvet

Red velvet

Gold velvet

Black denisse

Green denisse

Light grey denisse

Red denisse

Light blue denisse

Blue denisse